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2020 National Elections!!!

2020 National Elections are here! This election year we have multiple positions and new positions that are vacant and ready to be filled by amazing sisters who would like to promote and improve our mission and vision of our sisterhood! This year we also have many changes to our procedures for elections that we are excited to share with you that were voted for by your National Delegates at National Assembly and have been developed by this years NEB to follow these new standards. 1. For the easier track and access to all applications for the many processes coming in, we have created a google Form that may be accessed at This form is a central form that is the applications for all available positions that are available.

2. All applications must be fully completed to be considered for the General Membership Elections. This includes having personal recommendations letters, personal statement videos no longer than 2 min. and resumes.

3. Application Deadline is Nov. 5th. All applications will be approved for campaigning on Nov. 6th. until November 12th and elections are held November 13-19th. Run off elections will be held shortly after until Nov. 25th and Dec. 1st all elected members will be announced! Elected members begin Jan. 1, 2021 and must shadow at the final conference call for transitions and attend NEB retreat.

4. Campaigning: You are free to campaign and even use the personal statement video starting on Nov. 6th AFTER APPROVAL. all campaigns must use Madam Butterfly Standards and any who are in violation will be asked to be taken down and could result in disqualification if you do not abide after an official warning. You may republish campaign materials after complying. NEB will not campaign for you.

5.Voting: each member in the organization in good standing are eligible to submit One vote for one candidate in each category for the National Executive Board. National Judiciary Committee and National Advisors will be reviewed and appointed by the NEB as per the constitution. Interns will be interviewed by the NEB in order to verify the best placement for the educational and professional needs.

Runoffs: Any members who need to go into run off elections will be notified and can campaign through the end of run off voting.

6. Results: The Candidates who are elected will be announced by December 1, 2020. These members will begin to shadow their respective position attending the last term call via Zoom. And will make plans to attend NEB retreat 2nd weekend of January (Details on location TBD)

For any questions comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us to


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