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First step is to meet and engage with the chapter on your campus; if there isn't a chapter or associate chapter on your campus, please check out our expansion page. New member intake begins during chapter/associate chapter's Honey Week. Events and informationals are held to help answer any questions, introduce current members, as well as help potential members assess if Delta Xi Nu is the right sorority for them. If you find that it's a fit for you, submit your application for membership.  


Requirements for eligible women are as follows:

  • Ladies must be a 2nd semester freshmen and not a graduating senior. Seniors must have a minimum of one (1) semester on campus after being established as an associate chapter.

  • Women must have a minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

  • Must attend the following National Conference/Retreat after being initiated

  • Additionally, interested ladies must be able to fulfill the financial obligations of sisterhood.


It is also important that interested ladies are willing to devote time and energy to the organization. As well as respect others and be considerate; problem solve and have open communication. Interested ladies must also have a passion for multiculturalism and a drive to learn about other cultures as well as share their own experiences. As we uphold the meaning of our letters “Changing old ways to new” we are pleased to officially recognize, any interested individual that identifies as female regardless of sexual orientation or identity will be allowed to apply for our membership process.

Delta Xi Nu has a closed membership process, meaning women are not permitted to disclose any information pertaining to their involvement with Delta Xi Nu with anyone who is not a sister until their full initiation is complete. We believe that this mode of initiation increases the appreciation sisters have for the organization, as well as helps to build strong bonds between sisters.  

Membership selection and recruitment is held in accordance with the university's’ policies.



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