Our Motto

Each sister, both active and alumnae, strive to uphold our motto each and every day. We all uphold the value of sisterhood within our chapters and colonies. We make the effort to inform ourselves and others within the community about the diversity among cultures. And lastly, we all aim to complete our educations and enrich the futures we have in front of use.

A central part of Delta Xi Nu’s motto is sisterhood. The shared experience of collegiate life through sorority involvement creates a bond that carries far beyond graduation. Once a sister, one can always count on being a sister and having a network of women professionals around the nation and the world. This essential part of Delta Xi Nu is present in everything we do. Through our events and involvements, sisters create an environment where people can share and become aware of unique attributes that enrich the human experience. When joining, each sister brings her own experiences and background, helping to infuse their passions in their chapter or colony Education is the ultimate goal and achievement for our sisters. Making the most of your education is the best way to create opportunities of changes in the community. Each sister has the passion for a better future. Involvement in Delta Xi Nu enriches collegiate experience by building an understanding of the diversity that exists within the interconnected world.