Interested in Joining Delta Xi Nu?

Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority offers all of the benefits of Greek Life, with an added component of cultural and ethnic diversity, education, multiculturalism as well as campus and community activism. Delta Xi Nu embraces diversity in our membership process and offer women who may not fit in the “traditional” molds of many sororities; a place to feel accepted.  

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Want to Bring Delta Xi Nu to Your Campus? Start an Interest Group!

Are you interested in becoming a Sister, but Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority is not established on your campus? 

No problem! Start a Delta Xi Nu interest group and bring our sorority to your campus!  

Our growth can be attributed to the efforts of collegiate women who believe in the ideals for which Delta Xi Nu stands, and values we promote. As a young organization, our sisters work diligently to ensure that they continue to move in a direction that will impact communities throughout the world. 

As a woman committing to the expansion of our organization, you'll need to be ready to exert the energy, planning, time and motivation that is necessary to properly build a solid foundation required for the success of our collegiate entities. 

Initial Requirements for Interested Groups:

  • Individuals who are Open Minded and Willing to Learn About Other Cultures
  • Individuals who are Willing to Teach Others About Their Culture
  • A group of at least five (5) interested ladies
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 per interested lady

To Begin Your Expansion Process:

To submit an inquiry for expansions of Delta Xi Nu, please contact the National Director of Expansions by emailing