National Conference is More Than Just Another Sorority Event

By Justina Logozzo on 05-18-2017

National Conference is THE event for all active and alum sisters. It’s a time of meeting new members and reconnecting with other from chapters and colonies from afar. It’s a time where we laugh about the great times, show off our newest stroll moves, and have fun exploring new cities. 

But for the Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority, National Conference is so much more than just another sorority event. 

 “I really enjoyed seeing others share their passion and knowledge for culture. I know it’s something we all stand for, but it was different to see everyone in one room and speak about culture” – Ester R., Epsilon Chapter 

"Conference is a time to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with sisters you’ve seen at past conferences and build bonds with new sisters! It is also a time to learn! As a collegiate, the information I learned definitely helped me and as an alumna, the workshops that were given to us helped me cope with going out to the real world.” – Ariana C., Nu Colony, National Executive Board Member 

 “Personally, I took away a lot of great memories and connections. I loved being paired with sisters at random and getting to know them outside of my own ‘little island’ in Laredo. Professionally, I learned how serious our core values are and what exercises can be done to strengthen them, especially recruitment skills, within a colony” – Johanna W., Nu Colony 

 “I remember still remember my first conference. It was the semester after I crossed into the sorority and I was unbelievably excited to attend conference. I was a member of the Gamma Chapter in Colorado, so I had never met sisters outside of my home chapter. It was an incredibly powerful experience to sit alongside women from across the country, all in different stages of their life with different backgrounds and experiences, and know that we all had an instant and immediate connection.” – Natalie S., Gamma Chapter, National Executive Board Member 

 “Most memorable was the connections I made with so many likeminded women, all sharing their experiences (some alike, some different) and engaging in workshops geared at operating the sorority more effective” – Marie D., Kappa Colony 

 “Conference gave me a better understanding for the letters that I wear. Getting to spend time with other sisters and the national executive board kind of put things into a better perspective” – JeRea G., Xi Colony 

 “Conference to me is a time for all sisters, alumni, collegiate, and neophytes, to come together and celebrate our sorority. It is also a chance for us to meet sisters that live far away, rekindle friendships made at other conferences, and put faces to the names of those we have only met through social media. It is a time for us to come together and learn how we can continue to make Delta Xi Nu better, and how we can keep growing together as sisters.” – Dawn I., Kappa Colony, National Executive Board Member 

 “Personally, I loved all of the connections I made with others who joined the same time I did from other chapters and colonies as well of alumni sisters. It is because of those relationships, I was able to open the door for my chapter to openly communicate with other sisters. Professionally, I learned how to be a better leader, recruiter, and a sister. I learned to appreciate my executive board and other members, as well as the importance of building a strong relationship with our national executive board.” – Sarah A., Iota Chapter 

 “I learned how awesome our sisterhood is I learned how to communicate in a more professional manner and how to act within in business setting.” – Joanna C., Theta Chapter 

 “For me, conference is a time to grow, learn, teach, and connect with some of the most amazing women around, including our very own founding mothers. If it weren’t for conference, I wouldn’t have confidence to discuss multicultural issues in a professional manner.” – Justina L., Zeta Chapter, National Executive Board Member 

 “When I was an active, National Conference was always the opportunity for me to meet new sisters, learn and explore new cities, while building lifelong relationships. Now as an alumni and NEB member, I take extreme pride and joy in helping to create that same experience for other members of our organization. When I’m at conference, I love seeing all of our chapters and colonies exchanging information with each other to help each other succeed. It’s then when I see all of the passion and love for Delta Xi Nu in one room and makes the effort of planning National Conference completely worth it. I’m excited to see what our Conference team brings to DXN this year, as this is a very important anniversary for our organization. I hope to see all of the collegiate and alumni sisters there at conference for this big celebration!” - Victoria V., Theta Chapter, National Executive Board Member 

 For the past 20 years, we have utilized our National Conference to educate thousands of individuals on the importance of diversity and culture within everyday life. Each year we aim to inform each woman on current events, tactics on handling misinformed individuals, enhanced chapter and colony operations, and more. And while we are learning and growing, we are doing it the greatest way possible; standing besides our fellow sisters. 

 To register for the 2017 National Conference, click here. Please be advised, you will need the event password in order to register. If you do not have the password, reach out to the Director of Conference at