Delta Xi Nu Takes On A Larger Role In The NMGC

By Justina Logozzo on 06-29-2017

Within the last year, Delta Xi Nu has taken our role in educating others of cultural diversity to the next level, by joining the National Multicultural Greek Council. The NMGC is diligent in promoting scholarship and service amongst its members through the establishment of awards for excellence and by engaging in group service-based projects, as well as developed to better educate college/university professionals and the community on the Council’s unified commitment to diversity.

During the last NMGC conference, Delta Xi Nu's own Victoria Valdez (current National President) and Jessica Oswald (current National VP of Financial Affairs) were elected to serve on the NMGC Elective Board. 

And how do they feel about these new appointments? Well we asked them:

 Victoria Valdez
New Position: NMGC Vice President

Main Priorities and Goals of New Position: Growth, Stability, and Retention

Initial Thoughts of Taking on the Role: Anything is possible! And always think positively and productively.

What Impact do you Plan to Make?: Any positive change is an impact made. There is so much potential for growth and I'm excited to see what the next two years hold for me.

Jessica Oswald
New Position: NMGC University Liaison 

Main Priorities and Goals of New Position: The position's responsibility is to be the soundboard and assist NMGC councils - collegiate level. While we have no official councils yet, the point would be to assist and guide them. Additionally, the position is a resource for universities (this is where I'll be using my time) and Greek life who have questions on supporting culturally based organizations. The person who held this position before me did a GREAT job of providing information- I hope to continue that with force!

Initial Thoughts of Taking on the Role: I'm nervous to serve the council as it will be another thing to do, but I'm excited. I'm ready to set some actions items for the council and see us provide information for our member organizations and others.

What Impact do you Plan to Make?: I hope to start contacting universities and MGCs already created with other culturally based organizations there to see if they need anything. I just want NMGC to reach its full potential.

Any additional you'd like to add?:Representing DXN is a huge responsibility that I do not take lightly. I love this sisterhood and I believe in the potential of this council!