Delta Xi Nu NEB Spotlight - Lorena Vera

By Justina Logozzo on 04-02-2017

Meet Lorena Vera, the 2017-2018 DXN National Co-Director of Internal Affairs

Lorena became a sister of Delta Xi Nu in the Fall of 2013 while completing her undergraduate degree at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. While her chapter sisters know her well, we decided to ask her some questions to really dig into her motivations and love of Delta Xi Nu.

With all of the possible sororities to join, why did you choose DXN?

I chose to join Delta Xi Nu because the organization reflects my values and ideas. I was invited to consider Latina sororities multiple times, but I felt limited. I wanted to advocate and reach out to women of all backgrounds. I am a feminist at heart, and to see the diversity of women empowering one another in this organization had me sold. The chapter philanthropies were also something that caught my interest. The summer before joining, my childhood best friend passed away overnight from an undetected brain tumor. When I found out Theta chapter advocated for cancer awareness, I knew this was the place for me. Along with cancer awareness, they also advocate against domestic violence which is something very close to home. In fact, one of my long term goals is to create an organization that helps domestic violence victims.

As an active sister, what was your fondest memory?

My fondest memory as an active sister was when we hosted our signature event. I had the opportunity to work alongside Patricia Castillo, a local domestic violence advocate in San Antonio and founder of the PEACE Initiative. Putting together this event was one of the hardest projects I've ever had to do, but it was well worth it. As a chapter we were able to gather over $1,000 to benefit the PEACE Initiative and it's battle against domestic violence.

Outside of being active in NEB and having a careers what are three of your favorite things to do?

1. I love outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking. 2. Playing guitar 3. Reading Mexican-American Literature

Who is/are your role model(s) and why?

My role model is Frida Kahlo. I know she is currently in "style", but I have always admired her strength, creativity, and determination. After an accident that nearly left her immobile, she managed to walk despite medical predictions. She live troubled life, but created beauty through art. Her perseverance and originality is truly something admirable. Kahlo is now one of the best known Mexican female painters.

Name something that DXN helped you to improve upon.

Delta Xi Nu has significantly helped me improve my professional communication skills