Delta Xi Nu NEB Spotlight - Larissa Rios

By Justina Logozzo on 10-01-2017

Meet Larissa Rios, the 2017-2018 DXN National Vice President of Internal Affairs

Larissa became a sister of Delta Xi Nu while completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in San Antonio, Texas. While her chapter sisters know her well, we decided to ask her some questions to really dig into her motivations and love of Delta Xi Nu.

With all of the possible sororities to join, why did you choose DXN?

I chose Delta Xi Nu because it was apparent to me that it wasn’t like all of the other sororities. I had researched many different groups, in different councils, went to their meetings and hung out with their members, however, it only took one person in Delta Xi Nu to make me feel like home at the time. Because of that, I started doing more research into DXN and realized they were truly a multicultural sorority and their values were very similar to the ones I live by. Ultimately, the one thing that made me decide on Delta Xi Nu was their National Philanthropy, I feel a great attachment to this cause and wanted to make a difference in the community by participating in something I truly believed in.

Why did you volunteer to become a NEB member? Why did you choose your position?

I volunteered to become a NEB member because I wanted to truly help the Chapters and Colonies and also have a say in major decisions that the sorority was going to make. We are at a turning point in our organization and we are really going to make a huge leap into the right direction and I wanted to be a part of that. I chose my position because I knew this was the position that could really help our Chapters and Colonies with the difficulties that come while being a collegiate sister. This potion allows me to get to know my Chapters and Colonies in a different way and to help them overcome any obstacles as well as give them the development and training that they need and search for. .

What impact do you feel you had as an active and what impact do you want to have while being on NEB?

I want to think that as an active, I had a huge impact on my chapter because I was able to really find solutions to a lot of the complications we were facing at the time. I also think I had an impact on them personally because I was able to be a mentor and role model for some and teach them certain things that I learned through my own personal experiences. While on NEB, I hope to have a lasting impact by showing our collegiate sisters that it is possible to be able to reach your goals if you set your mind to it, whether that be professionally or personally. I have shared my goals and dreams with many of our sisters and I just hope that they will take what I have learned and apply it to their lives. I also hope to have an impact on our Alumni sisters by showing them that there is a lot more that they can be involved with as an Alumni sister, so many opportunities for them to show our collegiate sisters what to expect after college!

Do you think that being a DXN sister has enabled you to succeed professionally? Why/Why not?

Delta Xi Nu has definitely enable me to succeed professionally because I was able to hold leadership positions that have taught me a lot about people and diversity in a business setting. Being a DXN sister has allowed me to see past myself and learn how to care for others needs and their life circumstances. It motivated me to learn organizational and supervisory skills and it opened an interest in college students and Fraternity and Sorority Life which supplemented my interest in Higher Education.

Outside of being active in NEB and having a careers what are three of your favorite things to do?

I LOVE to dance! It has been one of my passions for a very long time. I also like to just relax and have movie marathons or binge watch a TV show on Netflix. I also love to go skiing, I have done it since I was a little girl. It is my ultimate favorite sport!