Delta Xi Nu NEB Spotlight - Dawn Iven

By Justina Logozzo on 10-01-2017

Meet Dawn Iven, the 2017-2018 DXN National Co-Director of Conference

Dawn became a sister of Delta Xi Nu while completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Houston in Clear Lake, Texas. While her chapter sisters know her well, we decided to ask her some questions to really dig into her motivations and love of Delta Xi Nu.

With all of the possible sororities to join, why did you choose DXN?

Looking back, I am not sure I chose Delta Xi Nu, but instead, I believe Delta Xi Nu chose me. Being an older, more mature woman, I wasn't looking for a sorority that had lots of parties. I wanted to be able to give back to my community, and do something to help others. I was extremely happy to find Delta Xi Nu on campus at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. They were happy to have me as a sister, (I checked numerous times that there was no age limit), and I was ecstatic to be part of an organization that brought awareness to violence against women, as well as Human Trafficking. It was a perfect fit, as well as a great growth experience for me .

Do you feel that becoming a sister has changed you? Why/Why Not?

I definitely believe becoming a sister of Delta Xi Nu has changed me. I was a very shy, quiet person, who didn't really get involved much. I didn't voice my opinion in situations because I didn't want the focus to be on me. I have, and am still learning, that I do have a voice, and it is just as important than anyone else. I'm learning to not be afraid to speak up, and that I can do many things that I never thought possible. I am also learning that I am much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. It has been through the support, and love of my sisters that I am finally becoming the woman that I was meant to be.

As an active sister, what was your fondest memory?

As an active sister I think one of my fondest memories is meeting sisters from other Chapters and Colonies at conference. Being a part of Delta Xi Nu wasn't real to me until my first conference when I met other sisters for the first time. I remember being divided into two large groups, not knowing many people around, and thinking what am I doing here. It was in that moment that another sister came up to me, one that I had never met before, and asked if I was Dawn. I don't know how she knew who I was, but she did, and she told me how excited she was to meet me. She made me feel like I was supposed to be in that place at that moment. I will always be grateful for her seeking me out that moment. I love you Chevelle!

What impact do you feel you had as an active and what impact do you want to have while being on NEB?

One impact I think I have had as an active sister is to help my Colony become stronger and more unified. We Klassy Kappas were struggling to stay active, and I think that along with Jameka, our president, we were able to recruit more sisters, and put some things in place that will catapult Kappa into becoming a Chapter, and prospering for many more years. The impact I want to have as a member of NEB is to help put together one of the most memorable conferences ever. It is a momentous conference this year, and I am excited to be able to work side by side with Jameka to bring the Delta Xi Nu conference home to College Station this year. It is going to be an amazing conference!

Outside of being active in NEB and having a careers what are three of your favorite things to do?

Three of my favorite things to do outside of NEB and teaching is to spend time with my family. I have an amazingly supportive husband, and equally amazing children and grandchildren. They are my heart! I also like to read. I haven't had much time lately to read for pleasure, but it is something that I enjoy. Another thing that I like to do, and I am very passionate about, is traveling. I love exploring new places! My husband and I have a saying..."We never get lost because we are always on an adventure.