Delta Xi Nu 2017 Recap

By Justina Logozzo on 12-21-2017

This past year has been an exciting year for Delta Xi Nu. We chartered THREE of our lovely colonies, took on a larger role within the National Multicultural Greek Council (NMGC), and opened our organization to all interested females, regardless of sexual orientation or identity. 

But that's just skimming the surface. We asked our National Executive Board (NEB) to give a recap of what their position accomplished in 2017 and how they foresee 2018 being an even better year. 

Victoria Valdez: National President
For my position, I feel like we had a jammed pack year of firsts and restructure. I  helped integrate Delta Xi Nu into the National Multicultural Greek Council, starting as a delegate and later shifting into the NMGC president role as well. I also aided the newest NEB members in gaining their ground within their positions by holding training sessions and assisting them with important tasks, such as filing our taxes and organizing National Conference. 

In 2018, I have a lot to look forward to for both my position and our organization. We are working hard to expand to new universities, attract new members with different backgrounds, enable our current sisters with knowledge to succeed, as well as help our alumni to stay connected even after graduating. 
 Jessica Oswald: National VP of Financial Affairs
2017 was a busy year for me, both personally and within the sorority; nevertheless I prevailed. Much like Victoria, I was active within building Delta Xi Nu's role within the NMGC as an acting delegate and university liaison. As the NEB VP of Financial Affairs, I made it a point to be more transparent with sisters about the status of the organization's finances and built out budgeting committees to help chapters and colonies to operate more efficiently. On top of that, I was active in our expansion committee.

For this upcoming year, I foresee myself becoming more ingrained into the position. I will have less graduate school to focus on and will be able to streamline and improve the budgeting committees.    
Ariana Cervantes: National Director of Administration
This year marked the first half of my first term on NEB. While as an active, and even as an alumni, being a NEB member always looked 'easy', but in reality, it's challenging. There are so many moving parts that are all dependent on each other to make the machine of Delta Xi Nu work successfully. During my first year as the director of administration, I feel as if I drastically improve my organizational skills as well as gained additional administrational skills that will help me in my career. I also learned how to interact with larger crowds, especially after assisting with sessions at our national conference.

Next year, I am really looking forward to helping our VP of Alumnae Affairs with our growing alumni association as well as tending to my current duties as well. 
 Yesel Gutierrez: National VP of Collegiate Affairs
I felt that my position this year focused on making grades a priority for our actives members. As our motto states, education is a very important element of our success and I tried to spread that belief to our sisters. Becoming more organized, date driven, and keen to detail on receiving GPAs was beneficial to us to help sisters who are struggling and know where our chapters/colonies stand academic wise as well as helping us to join the NMGC. 

This next year, I really look forward to working with our newest NEB members as well as helping our newest sisters stay on course to not only graduate, but to succeed beyond school. 
 Rachel Taylor: National VP of Alumnae Affairs
So far, the time I have served on NEB has been full of growth, leadership, and learning. I am most thankful for the support of the other ladies on NEB who have taken the time to support and mentor me through my position. Earlier this year, I sent out a survey to our alumnae sisters to get a better understanding of what they hope to get out of conference if they chose to attend. This survey really provided insight to what sisters would like to see and create upon graduation from their collegiate chapters. Flash forward to conference this year, Jess and I had a chance to facilitate a conversation among some of our alumnae sisters that attended. This session was full of brainstorming new ideas including how we can support our sisters better once they graduate, along with keeping them involved in their local communities. In addition, I also had the chance to go to the NMGC conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It was powerful to see the leadership of multiple multicultural fraternities and sororities come together to explore the ways we can come together to support a council that serves its members. 

In 2018, I am looking forward to the establishment of new alumnae chapters and seeing the women of our sorority continue to live out our mission statement.
 Amanda Orezzoli: National Director of Membership
Every year, my position has one main focus: growing membership. While it may seem straightforward, there is a lot that goes into it (which is why there is a co-director too). In 2017, I assisted, monitored, and guided our chapters and colonies with the crossing of 83 brand new Xi honeys. The biggest difference I feel my position made, and continues to make, within our organization is educating our members on hazing and how to carry out an educational process to gain quality members without putting the integrity of the process at risk. 

I'm very excited for 2018 as we will continue to grow our current chapters and colonies, but I will also be assisting in the expansions to new universities! 
 Gabrielle Villafuerte: National Director of Multicultural Affairs
This year, my position completed many training for individual chapter/colonies, at our conference, and even unaffiliated organizations. Having and leading a discussion about cultural competence has been very eye opening for me. Cultural competence is a lifelong learning process and helping people realize that and encourage them to keep learning is very humbling. On the side, I have done trainings on the local, state, and national levels for burnout and self care as well as teaching groups about working with the LGBTQ community. I also received the Flores/Pipersburg Founder’s award from the NMGC. 

In 2018, I look forward to expanding upon the trainings I held and helping our sisters become more educated on cultural competence.
 Jameka Bedford: National Director of Conference
My first year as the Director of Conference revolved around one thing: our 20th anniversary national conference. Not only was it a monumental conference, it was also my first DXN conference to organize. Between organizing food and hotel accommodations, to outlining an agenda and speakers, it was safe to say I was fully immersed in my responsibilities from early on. 

While I feel that the 2017 conference was a success, I am readily excited to exceed it with our 2018 conference. I am also excited to work with my newest Co-Director of Conference and to see what triumphs we accomplish together.
 Jordan Garza: National Director of Expansions
This past year was a big one for our organization as well as my position. We chartered three of our colonies: Kappa (University of Houston - Clear Lake) , Nu (Texas A&M International University), and Xi (Lamar University). In addition, we were approved for expansion into two new universities: University of Nebraska - Lincoln and Metropolitan State University in Denver. 

As you could expect, my 2018 will be focused on getting the newest expansions up and running as well as continuing my outreach to other universities in hopes of reaching new interested ladies. 
 Larissa Rios: National VP of Internal Affairs
This year, I was able to attend the Association for Fraternity and Sorority Advisors (AFA) Annual Meeting, where I learned a great deal of information to pass along to our organization and help us tremendously with our strategic plan. Personally, I have gained a lot from this experience in terms of knowledge, diversity and conflict resolution; I was able to accomplish personal goals that I had set for myself, and for that I’m very grateful! I completed a number of internal investigations that have ended in positive results for our chapters and colonies and made them stronger. I also lead the charge in updating our National Constitution to include changes that will help us move forward as an organization. I feel that my position made a difference by opening up a mindset for collegiate sisters on how our policies and procedures work. 

For 2018, I’m looking forward to the reconstruction of the board, as this element will truly help the entire sorority move forward and continue to be successful. I’m also looking forward to being able to assist our chapters and colonies with educating others on topics such as communication, leadership, strategic planning, team bonding, conflict resolution, etc; and provide the resources they actually need as collegiate sisters to develop themselves professionally and personally. I’m looking forward to becoming more of a resource for our sisters, so they’re aware of the support that we provide for them. 
Cristina Chavers: National Co-Director of Expansions
In the past year, the organization has made great strides to continue to shape and mold into what the modern woman needs and wants from our great sorority. Jordan and myself have been able to continue to spread our ideals through chartering many of our colonies and creating new interest groups in Nebraska and Colorado. The biggest impact that my position has made is the initial contact/interaction I have with interested ladies. It illustrates to them what a sister of Delta Xi Nu is and the accomplishments she can obtain by joining a network of strong women.  

In 2018, I look forward to continuing the expansion to new campuses and creating a place that women can call home. I also look forward to creating partnerships with fellow Greek organizations that will allow both organizations to grow substantially.
 Justina Logozzo: National Webmistress & Graphic Designer
My first year as Webmistress has definitely been an exciting and eventful one. Our website needed some major TLC and while we still have a ways to go, I have made some great strides with it. I revamped our blogging habits to make them more personal and informative, added more information about who we are, and update imagery with new sisters. In addition, I've tried to utilize our website more for news announcements, conference registration, and scholarship submissions. I've also been involved with the revitalization of our Delta Xi Nu newsletter, of which we plan we start sending out January 2018. 

Next year, I plan to take our website to a whole other level, making it much more interactive for new visitors as well as a source of information for current sisters.